IOMSA Enters a New Era – Association Restructuring to Continue with Annual Conventions

Despite the celebratory atmosphere of IOMSA’s 125th annual convention, June 23-25, at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Louis, MO, there had been much uncertainty regarding the future of the association.

Associate Members Offer SupportHowever, an idea to restructure the organization – borne of the Oil Mill Miller’s Booster Club meeting the morning of June 24 – was discussed at length during a general meeting of the membership.

The idea, which garnered widespread support from Regular and Associate Members in attendance, would be to reorganize the leadership structure of the association to:

– Give full voting rights to Associate Members.
– Give Associate Members the right to hold an uncapped number of leadership positions, including on the Board of Directors and as officers.

The goal of these proposed changes is to keep the Board of Directors and leadership positions of IOMSA filled per the requirements of IOMSA’s Constitution and Bylaws, thereby allowing the association to continue into the future.

There also is hope that Associate Members who take leadership positions will be able to offer new perspectives and a creative approach to the way IOMSA operates moving forward, including a renewed effort to attract producers to the association and annual convention.

Special Committee Appointed
In the coming weeks, a special committee will be making the necessary revisions to the Constitution and Bylaws.

The committee consists of:
– John Rever, Ag Processing Inc, Omaha, NE.
– Denver Hance, Valley Coop Oil Mill, Harlingen, TX.
– John Mulholland, N. Hunt Moore & Associates, Franklin, TN.

Once the revisions have been completed, they will be subject to vote via email sent to all Regular Members and Emeritus Members. (Under the current Constitution and Bylaws, only Regular Members and Emeritus Members have voting rights.)

An affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members voting is required to pass the revisions.

To ensure that you are able to vote on the revised Constitution and Bylaws, verify that you have paid membership dues for 2019-2020 and your email address is current with IOMSA.

To pay membership dues online, click here.

To update your contact information, click here.

Next Stop, Des Moines
If the revised Constitution and Bylaws pass the membership vote, two Associate Members will be added to leadership positions – second vice president and first vice president – in the event that no Regular Members volunteer for these roles beforehand.

The first and second vice presidents will support IOMSA’s new president, Ken Boggs, ZFS Creston LLC, Creston, IA, in planning the 2020 IOMSA Convention to be held at the Embassy Suites in downtown Des Moines, IA.

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