$10 Million Soybean Processing Plant Coming to Michigan

A Wisconsin-based soybean processor is getting $10 million from the Michigan Economic Development Corp. to help open a new soybean processing plant in Michigan’s thumb.

State Rep. Phil Green, R-Millington, announced that Quality Roasting LLC will be developing a new soybean processing plant in the village of Reese and the state is giving them $10 million in private activity bonds to build the new processing plant.

“I’m happy to see this partnership between the state and a business within our community,” Rep. Green said in a news release.

The company will use the money to acquire the land, construct the manufacturing facility and purchase the equipment needed.

He said it will will bring 6-8 permanent jobs in the area, in addition to construction and utility jobs as well.

It will be another soybean processor in the state of Michigan. Zeeland Farm Services is one of the main ones in Zeeland. That soybean processor also plans to build a second processor near Ithaca, Michigan as well.

“Any more usage of soybeans is a good thing,” Jay Ferguson, vice president for Michigan Soybean Association District 4. “A lot of the beans got to go to Toledo or Windsor or Zeeland.”

The Tuscola County project was previously awarded an $80,000 Michigan Business Development Program performance-based grant in support of this project.

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