2017 IOMSA Convention Speaker Presentations

Click presentation titles to download corresponding PowerPoints from the 2017 IOMSA Convention, June 25-27, in Galveston, TX

Dust Control Equipment & Technology, NFPA 652/654  —  Rick Klaus, Osprey Corporation

Smart-Gear Technology & Applications  —  Mark Kendall, Siemens Corporation

OSHA Regulatory Compliance Update, Keeping a Step Ahead  —  James Shelton, OSHA

What Can OSHCON Do For You, How to Make it Happen  —  Glenn Abdelnoor, OSHCON

Multi-Generational Workforces  (not available)  —  Dr. Di Ann Sanchez, DAS HR Consulting

NFPA 36 Update  —  Rich Barton, N. Hunt Moore & Associates

Federal Policy Outlook  (not available)  —  David Hovermale, NOPA

Getting the Most Out of Your Consultants  —  Steve Lucy and Natalie Harvill, JQ Engineering

Professional Ethics  —  Michael Varner, Brown Sims

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