Separators, Inc. Awarded Favorable Court Ruling

A ruling was handed down this mseparators_logo_4conth by the Johnson County Superior Court finding in favor of Separators, Inc.

In September of 2015, Separators filed a lawsuit alleging that former employees took confidential and proprietary information in the course of forming a competing company, Centrifuge Supplies.

“Over the course of thirty years, Separators has accumulated a massive technical library at significant expense and effort to help our customers,” said President Steve Dohm. “We are vindicated through this ruling. Throughout the process, the team remained positive.”

In the ruling handed down by Judge Marla Clark, the defendants were found in contempt of court after they attempted to conceal improperly taken documents and data owned by Separators. As a sanction for the defendants’ misconduct, the court entered a default judgment in favor of Separators, Inc. on claims, including computer trespass, theft, and breach of fiduciary duty.

Separators Inc. also was awarded legal fees and expert costs under court order.  Centrifuge Supplies was also ordered to submit to third party supervision and regular audits to prevent reconstitution of Separators’ confidential information and data.

“While this has been a challenging, time-consuming process, an important step has been taken toward securing the future of our confidential and proprietary business information,”  Dohm continued.  “We remain dedicated to providing our customers the highest level of value, professionalism, and integrity in all aspects of our business.”

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