Ag Processing Inc Retired General Manager and First CEO Jim Lindsay Passes Away at 81

Jim Lindsay, the first Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Ag Processing Inc (AGP), died February 10 at the age of 81.

Lindsay led the Company for over 17 years following its formation in 1983.Lindsay

He retired in 2000, having led the cooperative from humble beginnings to the world’s largest soybean processing cooperative.

“Jim Lindsay was a true leader in the agriculture industry,” said Keith Spackler, AGP CEO and general manager. “AGP was fortunate to have selected Jim to lead the new Company during tough times for agriculture in the early 1980s.

“He set the foundation for future growth and success at AGP with many accomplishments during his career.”

“Jim was deeply committed to his family and community,” said Spackler.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jim’s family.”

For more information, please contact Matt Caswell at 402-498-2279 or

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